Ideal Shape Shake

Ideal Shape ShakeDo you find it hard to lose weight because you can’t stop snacking between meals?

Are you always sneaking sweets?

Do you feel like that woman in the picture?

I know the feeling, the guilt of messing up my diet.

I know that if I could just stop snacking between meals I could get rid of my belly pooch.

I’ll admit it, I like food.

I like the taste and satisfaction that a sugar rush gives me.

I find it so hard not to snack between meals that I knew I had to find something to stop my cravings.

There has to be something that will take the hunger away yet provide me with some nourishment instead of just empty calories.

Lunch is another problem time for me.

Often I found myself busy at lunch time, and I end up grabbing a quick burger or other fast food instead sitting down and eating healthy food. I feel guilty for eating bad, but the work needs to get done and I would rather do it during lunch instead of working late.

I am so bad at remembering to bring leftovers in for lunch, or if I do, I end up with a lunch meeting and end up not eating it anyway.

If I could find something non-perishable that I could keep in my desk drawer that would be so much easier.

That is why I turned to diet shakes. I can keep the shake powder at my desk and mix up a shake whenever I needed a little boost, or when I forget to bring in leftovers from home.

But, if I’m going to drink a diet shake, then it is going to be the Best Diet Shake I can purchase!

I don’t want a bunch of sugar or added chemicals or empty calories. It needs to healthy.

Ideal Shape Shake

Ideal Shape Shake

So I checked out several different meal replacement shakes such as Shakeology, GNC’s brand called GNC Lean, and the one that Walmart sells called Myoplex.

I quickly realized that these shakes are expensive!

Some were almost $5.00 each. Now I realize that is less than a meal, or what a store bought snack would cost, but still spending less is better. Right?

That’s when I came across an ad for Ideal Shape Shake.

They touted that the price was less than $1.50 per shake. That is much better on my wallet.

It doesn’t seem like much of a difference between $5.00 and $1.50. But take that $3.50 difference over each work day, and maybe 2 or 3 shakes over the weekend, and the difference seems much more substantial, $12 a week compared to $40.

So over a month that $28/week difference is $112 savings! That is my cell phone bill!

Price Isn’t All Though

It has to be Nutritious

Ok, so it was cheaper, that is good, but the shakes still had to be nutritious.

I just lost a ton of weight, (see about me) so I know the importance of not putting empty calories in my body.

Plus I eat paleo when I am home. I will have some bread when I’m on the road or for convenience sake, but if I had my druthers the lower the carbohydrates, the better.

Oh yeah, I rather not have gluten either. I found some shakes used grain fillers to thicken the shake.

ideal shape reviewsYou can see ingredients in the photograph I took from the label on the right.

Ideal Shape shakes contain around 20 vitamins and minerals along with 11-grams of protein per serving. I don’t have to worry about fiber much since I do eat a lot of vegetables, but Ideal Shape Shakes contain 5-grams of soluble fiber to promote gut health.

The best part is that an Ideal Shape Shake contains only 1 gram of sugar. This is low when you consider that Shakeology contains 6-grams.

The shake is also gluten-free.

So all totaled, an Ideal Shape Shake has only 120 calories. The thing to remember is that not all calories are bad, so I’m not too worried about the calorie total, but rather where the calories come from.

I found that Ideal Shape shakes contain only 1-gram of sugar, which is only about four empty calories.

If you are worried about calories, the low-calorie count in the shake also gives you plenty of room to add some fruit or Greek yogurt if you want to turn the shake into a meal replacement smoothie.

Stopping Hunger

You know the feeling; you are working away, but that hunger bug keeps growling in your stomach. The hunger bug wants to be appeased.

You try to ignore it, but it never, never goes away.

Do you have these hunger feelings?

That mid-morning or afternoon hunger is the main reason I wanted to try diet shakes. I heard they contain some ingredients that will help stop the hunger bugs from attacking.

What I learned is that Ideal Shape shakes are different than most meal replacement shakes.

Others use fiber to fill you up, but we have all tried to fill up on celery stalks right?

It just doesn’t work.

Ideal Shape uses a blend of whey protein, fiber, and Slendesta to curb hunger.

What is Slendesta? Is it Safe?

Slendesta an all-natural potato protein extract. Here is an article from the European Food Safety Authority saying that the product works and is safe.

According to IdealShape, you won’t find it in any other meal replacement shake on the market.

Now I have looked at many ingredient lists and haven’t seen it listed, but I haven’t looked at them all, so I will have to take Ideal Shape’s word for that.

Now you could buy Slendesta on Amazon and add it to beverages or other shakes. But that seems to change the texture and taste of whatever you put it in.

Since Ideal Shape shake comes with it already added, and the shakes have been taste tested, the texture is unchanged.

How Does Ideal Shape Shake Taste?

Ok, so Ideal Shape shakes are affordable, they are nutritious, and not over sugary, they have a hunger blocker included in the shake, but the next question is how do they taste?

I mean all of us want food & drink that good taste, right?

That is important too.

Sure we could choke something down that tastes bad for a week or two, but I know I couldn’t do that long term. How about you?

Well, I do go over the taste in more detail in Ideal Shape Reviews.

But let me tell you my opinion here.

I ordered the strawberry flavor, and it was good!

When I am home, I mix my shakes up with either coconut or almond milk (unsweetened).

But the real test is when I bring it to work and have to use tap water.

I was surprised; I figured since it was inexpensive it would be chalky, or clumpy.
It wasn’t it was smooth and had a creamy texture with great strawberry taste.

Since there is no huge amount of artificial sweeteners, Slendesta is a natural product and not a produced chemical, so the shake had no chemical taste at all.

Now, it does taste better with milk or almond milk? No doubt yes, and the strawberry flavor is enhanced if you add fresh or frozen strawberries and blend it into a smoothie.

But as a snack or meal replacement drink, it has a pleasant taste. I could drink the shakes day in and day out.

Everyone is Different

I know that just because I like the way Ideal Shape Shakes taste you might not.

I was worried about buying something I won’t like too!

But here is the best part, IdealShape is so confident that you will like their product that they offer you a 30-day guarantee to try it out.

If you don’t like it, return it for a full product price refund.

Can’t beat that!

If you want more information, see my Ideal Shape Reviews post. I have also posted videos here of Ideal Shape shake that I received. I show how it arrives, what it looks like before, and after mixing.

But if you want to learn more or try an Ideal Shape shake, click the banner below to go to the Ideal Shape website.